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Making a great first impression is crucial for a successful MBA interview, and you only get one opportunity to do so. Using our first session as interview practice is an effective simulation of the real situation and will strengthen your responses and boost your confidence.

Option 1 (recommended): schedule 2 sessions. The first 50 minutes will be a highly realistic intense interview. During the second session, we will analyze what you did well and what needs improvement and practice your answers. Price: with our 50% discount, you will pay $75 dollars for the first session and $150 for the second.

Option 2: schedule 1 session. The same format as above, except your mock interview will be 30 minutes and the analysis will be 20 minutes. Price: with our 50% discount, you will pay $75 dollars for the session.

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Prepare for your MBA interview with realistic, intense and thorough practice

Every answer is an opportunity to bring yourself one step closer to attending the school of your dreams.

In our sessions, we will pose questions that your school(s) of choice has asked its applicants. We will help you fine-tune your responses in order to convey your story in a complete, natural and advantageous manner.

During your Skype sessions with M and/or Jesse, we will conduct realistic, school-specific, mock interviews. We will analyze your overall performance, individual answers, style of delivery, and offer you specific advice on exactly how to improve your:


Did you answer the question completely and succinctly? Was your answer well organized? Was there information you excluded that would have better demonstrated what a strong candidate you are? Should you have left out irrelevant information that detracted from your reply? Did you present yourself in the best possible light? Did your answers sound natural (not memorized)?


Are you projecting a positive and enthusiastic image? Will the interviewer want to spend more time with you and get to know you better? Do you show why you are the perfect fit for their MBA program?


Is your language clear, natural and fluent? Was your delivery conversational (not robotic)? Are you using a diverse and advanced vocabulary? Is it evident that you will be able to communicate efficiently and be an active participant in classes, clubs, and labs?

Man in MBA Interview
Be confident, effective and natural in your next MBA interview.

We recommend that you practice with both M and Jesse. It will give you more experience contending with different rates and patterns of speech, mannerisms and accents. Plus, use our exclusive video platform to work on self-evaluating and then perfecting your answers.

All of our clients have been accepted to premier MBA programs:    95% in the top 10 globally, 100% in the top 30.

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