MBA Profile Development

MBA profile development
Together we will build your strong personal brand that will appeal to top MBA programs.

In our view, this is the most important part of the entire MBA application process. Why? If the story you decide to tell, the personal brand you wish to present, is weak, it will negatively impact your entire application. The schools you are applying to will find you significantly less appealing than your competition and you’ll struggle much more to gain admittance. We can avoid this hardship by deep diving into who you are and what makes you stand-out. Many of our applicants have told us that after we complete this process, they know themselves much better than ever before. We will help you sift through your entire academic, professional and personal history, analyze your personality, and distill everything down to the most positive, powerful and compelling story that will convince business schools you’re exactly what they want.

Once we’ve agreed on the personal brand you’re going to sell, we let it guide the rest of your application. We create a cohesive package: every short-answer, essay, video, and line on your resume will play a role in communicating who you are and why you belong at the MBA program of your dreams.

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